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Become a Leader of The Pack – Rep Program

Hi, my name is Joe and I am a co-founder of The Pack. First off, I just want to thank you for inquiring about our rep program. We are always looking for people who love the brand and would like to become a leader of The Pack.

WHO: We currently are accepting applications for The Pack brand reps! With that, we are looking for motivated people that love the brand and like to have fun! The Pack is built around some fun and retro designs, made to spice up everyone’s style. Now is the time for us to help others get into our shirts, and well, they’re going to want to steal yours anyways. Being a rep begins with engaging audiences through social media and word of mouth, and it comes with much reward!

If you’re going to refer people to The Pack anyways, why not earn some benefits from it too? Sales and marketing are not easy crafts to master, but this opportunity will provide you with opportunity to explore both.

WHY should you consider applying for our Rep Program?

  • Marketing and Sales Experience
  • Build Your Resume
  • Earn $$$!
  • Discounts on The Pack
  • Exclusive Access to New Products

HOW does it work?

You will get a custom checkout code for your referrals to use during their purchase. For each shirt sold with your checkout code, you will receive $$$ (see table below) and store credit as well. Becoming a rep for The Pack is a win-win for both you and us, but what you build from these skills is much more valuable. Marketing and sales skills have elevated many people’s lives and created them much revenue. With that, submit your application today to become a Leader and Rep of The Pack!

The more grind put into being a rep results with higher returns, so let’s get after it! Shirts sold are on a per month basis and commissions are paid out after the close of each month. 


Shirts Sold

Amount Earned Per Shirt

Store Credit













*Based on Per Month

Submit your application to with the following information:

Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, what you enjoy doing for fun.

Do you engage in social media and other platforms to reach an audience?

If so, include your social media handles (ex. @the_pack_brand)

What is your favorite part about The Pack Brand?

Why do you think you will be a successful rep for The Pack?

Do you have marketing and sales experience?

After completing the above questions, ask yourself --- Are you motivated and do you like to have fun?!

If accepted, you will be emailed a link to sign up for our tiered Rep Program!

Additionally, you will qualify for a discounted purchase on The Pack products, which will be sent via email!

Best Regards,

The Pack

~Become a Leader With The Pack Rep Program~

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